Sunday, January 15, 2006

I HAVE MY OWN COMPUTER BACK! You have absolutely NO idea how exciting this is. I can finally use my own computer again, no more borrowing either one of Sean's. I can have my own documents, my own knitting patterns, my own pictures.

I'm also feeling quite a bit better, although still coughing a LOT at night and lots of gross-sinusy-plugging-post-nasal-drip. However, I should finally be able to return to class. My professors have been pretty good about it this year. I explained to them that over the last few years I've lost a good deal of immune system (or so it seems) and I can't seem to fight even the smallest colds off. Everything I catch also hits mer very hard, usually necessitating missing a class here or there. I'm thinking that besides trying to eat healthy and take vitamins I'm also going to maybe look into Naturopath/holistic medicine. Not INSTEAD of conventional Western medicine of course - no treating bronchitis with feverfew! - but just learning more about what herbs and spices are good for symptoms I have. They have lots of decent books on it in the "Bargain Books" section of Chapters, so I might check that out and spend the last of this month's "Luxury Budget" there.

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