Tuesday, December 13, 2005

"Money money money..."

All right, my friend Robin and I have an idea for a very small business venture for me. I need extra money, but it's too difficult to find/hold a job during the school year. However, I sew very well and was thinking about making custom pyjama bottoms that come with a matching pillow or softie (like a stuffed animal), and for extra time matching felted clogs. Also for extra, you could get a matching t-shirt with a design printed on. Would you, or anyone you know buy something like that? I wouldn't charge too much, mostly material and postage with a little bit for labour.

Please, let me know what you think! I have tried posting on ebay before, but ebay is just so huge now that you need to be a big seller with a store to make much headway in something that's "ordinary". I'm trying mostly word-of-mouth right now, to see if I can generate any interest. If there's enough, I might try posting on ebay, or getting an etsy.com store. I can also post pictures of my "work" as well. I am an experienced sewer now, as a worked as a seamstress all last summer!

Christmas presents are coming along, the pyjamas are being sewn, although I almost tossed them across the room yesterday when I messed up the interfacing. Twice. And I've been knitting on Mrs. Beeton (which I ALSO messed up a bunch of times, I think it was the before-sudafed headache and the after-sudafed medicine-head), instead of my hats *blush*. Oh well, I think if I work hard I can get it all done.


Elizabeth said...

Karlie, if I had anything that resembled money, I'd be so up for a pair of pj bottoms. Unfortunately ... well, let's just say that TEFL isn't exactly a lucrative career choice... :)

Anonymous said...

I think that's a great idea Karlie. I am also from Northern Ontario (Sioux Lookout) and just bought pj bottoms for everyone on my list for Christmas. I had to order them over the internet and could just as well have ordered from you. I wanted Christmas themed pjs, but couldn't find those for men. You could post fabric swatches so people could choose what they wanted. I hope you're in business next year!

meesh said...

Karlie, I'd agree with Elizabeth...when I find money somewhere, pyjamas are a great idea!

merry christmas