Saturday, December 10, 2005

Hello all!

Yay for only ONE exam left, plus my last two went very well so that makes me happy. I actually finished both of them in about 40-45 minutes, meaning I had to sit in the examination room for 20 minutes until I could leave. I can now vouch for you that it takes the letters from at least 8 of the advertising signs in Lakehead's gym to complete the alphabet. Special thanks to "Sylvan Learning Center" and "Moxies". I don't know why they have that rule, it drives me crazy. Plus, they only enforce it in the gym, not when you write in a classroom or lecture hall.

I have now cast on for Mrs. Beeton, although threading my 11/0 beads onto the fingering weight yarn was an exercise in patience and the limits of my sanity. The biggest problem is that the fuzz from the merino was gumming up the works. I ended up switching to beads with slightly larger holes, then trimming the end of the yarn to within an inch (more like .1 mm) of it's structural integrity, then coating the end in varnish to make a needle. An HOUR later, and the beads for the first warmer were strung on. Sheesh.

Last night, I noticed that I had an angry red spot on top of my left second toe that really hurt, and that I took to be a blister. However, this morning it is angrier looking, and I now have a matching one below it, and one on my knee. Suggestions? They look kinda like chicken pox, but I already had that, and plus I only have 3 so far. *shrugs* my body does STRANGE things sometimes.

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