Monday, November 14, 2005

Well, the POA scarf is ALMOST done. I really mean it! I finished the last set of trapped bars (I only did 12 repeats, although after the premiere I may add the other two) last night, and today I'll finish the last burgundy block and add the fringe. I'm excited, it seems really nice, and quite soft. I'd definitely use the wool again (Wool of the Andes from Knitpicks) although I wouldn't want it for something next to delicate skin (say a sweater meant to be worn directly next to your skin, as opposed to a over-sweater). It had quite even stitches, although a very few got a bit of a funny twist to them, and it was easy to splice together. It also comes in TONS of colours, and they ship quite cheaply. I'm definitely going to buy more yarn from them in times to come!

There will be pictures forthcoming, probably tonight, and also pictures of the hat. I'm hoping that we can get outside to take them - the apartment building doesn't have any green space whatsoever, it's a building and a parking lot - so we have to go to a park for pictures. There's also NO SNOW here yet.

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Ruth said...

You finished! Congratulations! I still have a few repeats to go ... but I hope to be done in time for the movie, too.