Thursday, November 24, 2005

Still knitting, the hat is mostly done (although fairly big, it worries me a bit) and the scarf is about 1/3 done. I'm trying to motivate myself to work on my essay, and it's totally not working right now. This wicked sinus-infection/allergy thing is taking it's toll on my resolve and my singing voice, which I simply cannot allow it to do (the recital is on DECEMBER 1. That's only, like a WEEK AWAY). Right now I'm completely lacking two notes that are required in two of my songs. Poof, gone. The G and A above high C are just missing entirely. Hopefully they will return in time for the recital.

It snowed here, and has stayed (and hopefully should remain). We got about 10-15cm on Tuesday night, which fell in a very lovely fashion over the frozen ice and slush that had been the weekend's snowfall, so that we had a skating rink you couldn't actually see. Fun! But the snow is gorgeous, and we just went and got Sean a Crazy Carpet so we can go out sliding.

Anton's birthday is coming up, and I have two things for him, a book (Magyk) and a little Star Wars Lego set. I think he'll be very, very happy.

I also have two packages to mail off, to Elizabeth in Prauge and Mary B. in the States, the bracelet she won from Tricoteuses Sans Frontieres.

Oh, and I have to go find a costume for my recital. Anyone know where in Thunder Bay I can find a 1700's maid/peasant costume? Anyone? Bueller?

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Elizabeth said...

Packages are beautiful
Packages are fine
I like packages
I want them all the time
I want them in the morning
and I want them in the night
And if I had a hundred packages I'd be o'ercome by delight!