Sunday, October 02, 2005

Thanks for all your wonderfully kind comments everyone! I've had to temporarily stop knitting on the mittens, because the Classic Merino on size 6's is very tight, and I was getting a very bad cramp in my left wrist. Since I don't want to develop "The Claw" I switched back to something at loose gauge, my Rogue sweater. Don't worry, I don't have SSS (second sock syndrome) as of right now, I usually put a project or two in between socks so that that doesn't happen. I really like the colours of my clown sock, so I'm guaranteed to finish it. However, the other ball of yarn (also Regia Ringel Clown) will become top-down, with eye-of-partridge heel, since I've wanted to try that for awhile.

The only truly abandoned WIP's I have are the VK top and Clapotis. I have no intention of finishing clapotis, because I've realised that the big reason I want to make it is because the pattern picture is in such pretty yarn. Plus, I NEVER wear wraps. It's hard for me to remember to wear my poncho even, and I LOVE it! The VK top is stalled because it's no longer hot out, and the back got something red and sticky spilled on it, so I've stuffed it away and tried to forget about it. Also, the watermelon socks are halted for now because they also are a little stiff to work with, so I decided to work on things I actually have ambition for.

After the clown socks are finished I'm going to make one of three things: my candy floss mittens, watermelon socks, or Clown socks: the second.


Anonymous said...

I know that hurting hand thing. For a couple of years now, my hands have hurt when I knit. But just recently my left shoulder has also started hurting. The good news is, my hands are a bit better. Transferring the pain to another area of the old body I guess.

Linz said...

Ooh no, good thing to take a break.

I also think it's very cute that the two of you are commenting on YarnHarlot together. ;)