Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Man, I had one of those days. It wasn't a bad day for me, in terms of events, but oy the people I met (or didn't!). My accompianist (sp?) didn't show up, and that really burns me up because poor Tellie is ill and we've missed two classes. My voice class is an hour after my last class on Tuesday, which meant that I had to wait an hour for an accompianist that didn't show up. I had to stop at Superstore and pick up sun-dried tomatoes, and while waiting in the 12-item-and-under line, the lady behind me is super impatient, has a good 30 items in her cart, and tries to push slowly in front of me in line. I seriously thought she was just going to step in front and take my spot! It's not like a I had lots of things - two containers of sun-dried tomatoes and two of pocky. Then the car next to me in the parking lot had whipped in really fast and had parked crooked with their wheels turned making it really hard for me to get out. On the drive home, I was behind a car doing 20 km/h UNDER the speed limit. I don't mind people that drive just or just under the limit, but 20 km/h? Finally, a customer at the store below us had parked so that we could just BARELY squeak bye to park.


In good news though I got my gorgeous socks from Melanie (in Edmonton too, did you know I used to go to U of A for three years? Planning on moving back soon too!). Thanks, they fit just right! Sean wants to know if your BF is a gamer, since he like the +1 Hat ;)

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Anonymous said...

The world is designed to teach us patience, something that is not a personality trait in our family....and it is a virtue =), I think.