Thursday, October 27, 2005

Feeling calmer...

All right.

I'm feeling a little less shell-shocked right now, especially since we went grocery shopping and I found things like gluten-free bread, pizza crust, and waffles. Right now I'm mostly living off pre-packaged stuff, since I don't really know how to cook gluten-free yet. I'm kinda holding off on buying cookbooks because even though the doctor said she's fairly sure I'm celiac (I have all the symptoms, my blood tests say I do), the only way to be truly certain is a biopsy (which we're not sure if I'll be doing yet, the doc has to find out). The books are really expensive, and I'll obviously buy them once I know for sure. I'm not in denial, I promise. I haven't consumed anything with gluten since yesterday morning, since I found out.

So, to answer a few questions from my readers (I still giggle maniacally at the thought that I have readers):

Angela, I'd love some recipes (although you already know that, since I'm talking to you on MSN!)

Elizabeth, I went to the doctor and stated "I'm tired of being sick and tired! I keep losing weight! I'm exhausted all the time! I constantly feel like I'm going to throw up! Help!", and she listened to me, thought I was absolutely right, and sent me for bloodtests for vitamin amounts, iron, and celiac testing. I came up positive with the antibodies, meaning my immune system is indeed making antibodies to gluten.

Up next: carving the pumpkin, sewing Sean's Quidditch robes, camping, decorating Iris and Dimitri's, and trick-or-treating with the kids!


Melanie said...

hey, you know, celiac tests only show positive for people who have it very strongly? my friend never showed up on the test, but she still can't eat gluten. my grandfather has celiac, and my mother is uncertain. i tend to go through phases, i can't eat processed wheat, like noodles. and if you eat a lot of processed, refined sugar...i would look into that too...

Linz said...

I'm so sorry!
But, I found something you might like: