Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Still waiting for the knitpicks yarn, I despair of it arriving in time for us to complete our scarves. However, There's a lot of motivation to knit scarves right now. We have 46 km/hr winds right now, and it's 6C. It's been pouring rain (we already got 30mm, supposed to get 30 more), and it's supposed to turn to snow. There's no heat in our apartment building, so we're freezing to death.

The only knitting I've been working on is the second clown sock. I knit on it during anthropology, because I find it hard to focus since it's MOSTLY a repeat of geology/biology/palaeontology. However, it isn't completely a repeat, and if I'm not knitting I miss a bunch of stuff because my mind keeps wandering. The knitting is straight stockinette, so I can easily pay attention to the prof, and I can write notes as well. I'd do it in some of my other classes, but they're not big enough for it not to bother the prof or my classmates.

I need to go re-wet my hair and blowdry it, so it looks passable under a toque.

Thanksgiving weekend in 3 days, including today :D

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