Saturday, August 13, 2005

Sean is back, yay! With presents from Lush, and Disney World. I missed him an absolutely insane amount, and thankfully he missed me at least that much too.

Jenny, my friend from Winnipeg, is here too. Yay! We are doing much girly things and she's met Sean and very much likes him.

Finally, my parents got to meet Yarn Harlot and they're SOOOOO lucky. And I got mentioned on her blog. Oh my goodness I think I might go faint now, on the way to Kakabeka Falls.


Anonymous said...

Hi karlie,
I just discovered your blog via the yarnharlot's adventure in the Peg.
And I saw your thrumbed mittens. They are so great. What pattern did you use? Can you let me know? Thanks.

Karlie said...

I actually used the pattern on Yarn Harlot's site...she made them last summer...except I don't remember the date! You'll have to look through the archives, but it's an awesome pattern.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Karlie. I know her pattern. She has it as a link in her side bar. I want to do a family of thrumed mittens this fall. My son and grandkids live in Hearst - another far north location. So they will be great for their cold winters.

Linz said...

You = famous!!