Thursday, August 04, 2005

OK, there hasn't been new posts for awhile because Tuesday and Wednesday I worked 12.5 hours, and my house is a WRECK and I'm exhausted. However I got to have a wonderful dinner with Iris and Dimitri and the kids, and we had pizza and saskatoon pie (freaky, because I'd been craving pizza all day and had no ingredients to make it myself, and no money to buy extra groceries - no worries Mom, I'm not starving at all, I just don't have pizza stuff).

Anyway, I'm trying to finish the first sock tonight while watching Fellowship of the Ring. Tomorrow I'm practicing piano, getting some shirts to work at Chapters (dress shirts or polos, must have collars, only blue or black, with no pattern whatsoever), and cleaning house.

Bed early tonight. Very VERY tired.


Anonymous said...

Try Cleo's, they had some really nice stretchy ones that are probably on sale now. I know it's not your usual style but a polo is a polo right?


Anonymous said...

Sock knitting while watching TV? I've never even finished one sock, even while staring at with laserlike concentration. Way to go!