Saturday, August 27, 2005

Rogue is Back

Ang is here, and we're having fun doing lots of knitting and torturing Kyp (the white and grey cat). She's knitting on a nice black sweater, and I've picked up Rogue again, in the same yarn. Ang convinced me that it was not, in fact, too small, and so I'm working on it again. I also want to make girl from auntie's new pattern, the zippered cardi. It looks so cute! If I can handle the cabling on Rogue, I'm sure I can handle it in the cardi.

The socks are at the heel turn, I haven't worked on them in a few days because I keep forgetting the pattern book in the car, and I'm scared to heel turn without it. They should be done on time though, hopefully. I have a few weeks left still.

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