Thursday, May 19, 2005


Well, my life has been busy over the past few days.

I had orientation from 9 - 5, and in the afternoon we had a scavenger hunt, which involved participating in certain activities and finding out certain information, all designed for us to familiarize ourselves with the fort. Unfortunately, one of the activites was to find a seed bead in a year-old haystack, which was mostly hay dust with some grass. Couple that with running, lots, in the cold, and we had a very asthmatic Karlie. Actually, it wasn't too bad Monday. Things got more interesting on...

When I woke up Tuesday, I realised that my asthma was bad. Like, cough cough wheeze cough cough wheeze cough. I went to work in the morning because I had to participate in the fashion show, where I wore my full Habitante costume to show what made up the proper costume. Amanda sent me home at noon, because the afternoon session was song and dance, which I definitely couldn't have done in that state. Besides, it was DBF birthday, so when I got back I rested and took all my meds (yes Mom, I'm fine now, although a little twitchy) then made Sean supper - through a migraine. When it rains, it pours.

STAR WARS DAY! I didn't work until 4PM, so when Sean went to work I went to Fanny's Fabrics for their closing out sale. I got lots of fabric and patterns, for a sundress, skirt, party dress, lounge beanbag, pyjamas, and queen-sized quilt. This is several years worth of sewing, I assure you. I also have some other projects to finish before I start these, but that's OK. The fabric is 50% off or more, and going down every day. I'm going back Saturday...
After work finished after 9PM, Sean and I grabbed our lightsabers and headed to the midnight showing of Revenge of the Sith.


*Caution* minor spoilers, but they involve storyline you probably already know:

Things I liked:
The script was really good, with the exception of a few cheesy romance scenes.
Hayden is seriously hot in long hair, until he turns to the dark side.
Wonderful costumes.
Darth Sidious's shriek as he attacks the Jedi.

Things I didn't like:
The above-mentioned romance scenes.
A SERIOUSLY disturbing scene involving Anaking mowing down Younglings.
Just watching all those Jedi eliminated, one by one.

All in all very well done. DBF and I got TONS of compliments on our homemade lightsabers (pictures soon), since they were made of chrome and brass sink pipe, among other things. Someone even asked if they were official replicas!

Today I worked by running up and down stairs all day fetching costume pieces. Over 100 trips. No kidding. Then I did all the dishes - and we had a lot. I also got ahold of Jernej (woohoo!) who PROMISED me a Hawai'i video in the mail soon. End of July Jernej, don't forget! That's your deadline!

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Anonymous said...

Jumping into a stack of hay without taking preventative meds when you have allergy and asthmas makes about as much sense as lighting up a cigarette. Even if you take the meds you should still minimize contact. Otherwise you just end up missing out on funs things like singing and dancing, not to mention wages. You make me crazy some days!