Thursday, May 26, 2005


Wow. I've had some seriously happy news recently that's helping to offset the fact that I've just come down with a rather severe case of asthmatic croup. Strict rest, lots of steamy baths, prednisone, and asthma meds.

1) I got 86/100 on my first psych test. That's an A.
2) Angela is coming this summer, for a nice long visit!
3) Angela has found a nice guy friend :D
4) DBF not only brought me flowers yesterday because I was sick, he bought all my favourite comfort foods and made me stew. Burgundy beef and mushroom stew.
5) Stephanie, aka Yarn Harlot is GIVING ME SOCKS! I expressed a liking for the Tiptoe Through the Tulilps socks she has, neither of which has a mate (one is solid, the other stripey), suggesting they be worn as a fraternal pair. And she's sending them to me! I feel happy (and honoured!). I'm offering to send her my two balls of Kroy sock yarn in "Stained Glass" since I'll be darned if I can turn them into socks. Ripping them back 5 times is enough for me.

I also found out my bouts of dizziness are caused by severely plugged ears. Hopefully the prednisone along with some DayQuil will remedy them.


Linz said...

Oh dear, get well soon!
And congrats on the test - that's fabulous!

Karlie said...

Thanks Linz :D