Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Rated PG for slight "adult" references

There's an "adult" store on the main street in Thunder Bay, and they have a billboard outside the store.

A few days ago, it was advertising something called a "Rabbit" (if you'd like to know what it is, I suggest googleing it at home, not at work!) by saying:
"The Rabbit:
Every girl should have one!"

Someone brave, and with a sense of humour, made the following correction:
"The Rabbi:
Every girl should have one!"

I thought it was highly amusing!

DBF is all moved in, with just a few boxes left hanging around. We bought a TON of groceries (a lot!) and filled the kitchen, now we're just waiting for the internet to transfer over so we can split it. We also got another GameCube controller so we can play Mario Party 6, my new favourite game. It's very addictive!

No knitting right now, I'm too busy doing my reading for Women's Poetry and Drama, and Psychology for Spring/Summer.


Anonymous said...

Every girl should have one.. but it would make us men obsoleat :(

Rachel said...

That's funny! On a less funny scale, near my hometown there was a church called the "Regular Baptist Church." It's the type of church where only old people go for service. As I child I would find myself wanting to go spray paint it to make it say IRRegular Baptist Church. As in need some Metamucil?