Saturday, January 01, 2005

A New Year's Post

Happy 2005! We have more snow forthcoming here in the great land of Northwestern Ontario. We got about 25-30cm two days ago, and are supposed to get another blizzard with 15cm again tonight.

New Year's Resolutions:
1) Write in blog Monday, Wednesday, Friday
2) Take my vitamins/eat healthy every day
3) Excercise more
4) Lose 5 lbs - what this actually means is lose 5 lbs of fat, I don't care if I end up weighing more due to muscle mass later on
5) Knit more
6) Snowboarding as soon as I'm allowed to again

Hopefully these things working together will make my year a more healthy one than the past year. I have three words for you: appendicticis, pneumonia, and mononucleosis. And that's just a start. Mom thinks I'll be a good teacher, because I've already had almost every childhood disease known in Western countries. Excluding mumps *knock on wood*

Some accomplishments this year:
I learned how to knit cables
I learned how to drive a boat
I got an A+ in a University class
I hiked over 10km in one day
I went to the Calgary Stampede
I worked for a multi-national corporation (and made a discovery, that if it pans out, will make them millions of dollars)
I saw a funnel cloud
I learned to ballroom dance
I went to Hawai'i

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