Friday, January 07, 2005


All right. I'm thinking of amalgamating my two blogs (I have one knitting one, and one 'other' one). Now the question is, do I have enough non-knitting readers on this site that I would bore them if I amalgamated? Cause if not, my life will be easier if I join them together. Besides, I'm afraid my knitting readers (I SWEAR there are some! I swear!) will get bored because I don't usually have enough new knitting news to post every couple days, and then I could intersperse with regular life.

Any thoughts? Leave a comment! Otherwise I probably will just do it. (Hey, 1990 Nike flashback)

--> Of course, in direct contrast to my last point, I have minor knitting news. "Thursdays are for knitting during CSI" got off to rather flat start, because I've been fighting one heck of a cold (being that I'm just starting to get over the mono, but I digress), but CSI was good at any rate. Today I also got yarn and needles for sockapalooza! Hopefully the colour/fibre will work for my sock-buddy.

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