Monday, February 05, 2007

BAH! Again!

Only this time it's not because of Christian extremists and Global Warming. It's because of Environment Canada and The Weather Network.

This morning when I got up it was (and currently still is) -40C. Did you see that? -40C. We are the coldest major city in Canada at the moment, MUCH colder than Yellowknife, Iqaluit, Whitehorse, Toronto...

What does The Weather Network say? "Extreme cold warning for Toronto, with the wind there it will feel like -33C! Also very cold through the whole of Eastern Canada!" then, as an afterthought, "and all the way to the Alberta border, really". Well NO #*$&^! We don't even have an extreme cold warning here! The school buses are closed, but other than that it's business as normal here in Winnipeg!

I keep forgetting that The Weather Network is based out of Southern Ontario, and weather is only extreme when it occurs down there, or in someplace really exciting or fun to say, like Eureka.


Laura said...

I think it has something to do with Toronto being the centre of the universe. Of course, I'm a Toronto ex-pat living in Montreal, where it is nowhere near as cold as it is in Winnipeg right now but it is still cold nonetheless.

Warm thoughts headed your way.

Aimend said...

Haha! Maybe it's because Winnipegers are tougher and more used to it. It's the same as the fuss Vancouver makes for a skiff of snow that wouldn't make basically the rest of Canada (except possibly Toronto) blink. Good think you've got lots of woolies and fleece.

Mo said...

I, too, feel dissed when I watch the weather network. They spend most of their time in Ontario and just gloss-over anything 'west' - as if we all have the exact same weather conditions from MB to BC! Here we had freezing rain this morning (ugh) and it's supposed to get cold by Friday.
Sending warmer thoughts your way!

Atrum Angelis said...

"same weather conditions from MB to BC!"

hehe. That made me chuckle. Being a BC Boy who grew up in Winnipeg, I'd love to see what Vancouver would do if they got -50. Hell, they went bananas with 1cm of snow when I was there during the "Blizzard of the Century" of 1995, and it wasn't even cold (-2... maybe).

Heck, I'd pay to see that!