Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Pet peeves

So, as noted in yesterday's post, it's been fairly cold here in Winnipeg. This (along with my very full schedule that starts and ends my days in Wallace building on campus) means that I leave my coat at my carrell, and take the tunnels to get to my two classes in Tier (all the way across campus).

The tunnels are theoretically a wonderful idea. They keep you warm and make sure you don't have to haul all your winter stuff with you. They are also longer than outside, which could be an upside or a downside. However, a few are narrow, and all of them are full between classes. This brings me to my pet peeves - which I should note don't only include the tunnels but also hallways, malls, and aisles. Basically any pedestrian through-way.

1) People that just kind of mosey their way through, walking at a fairly slow pace, not paying attention and usually listening to their iPods. MOVE buster! I have 12 minutes of ground to cover in my 10 minute break between class, and you're just making me late. Get off to the side so other people can pass you (to be fair, if they're mosey-ing off to the side I don't care, because I can get past).

2) People that stop in doorways/middle of hallways/corners to chat with their 5 other friends. They make it so no one else get past or through, and I had no less than 3 people stop dead directly in front of me because they saw a friend passing the other way. Each time I nearly ran into them, because they'd been moving so fast and stopped so abruptly.

If cars drove like this we'd all be dead! Obey traffic laws in hallways!

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Anonymous said...

why are you back in Winterpeg...what happened to finishing your degree out east?

What are you going to do when you graduate? what kind of Geology?

good luck