Monday, January 15, 2007

I've been busy. I got lots of nice new clothes while shopping with Jenny, "citified" myself as requested by Sean (and desired by both myself and my Mom as well). I really needed to get myself out of the polo-shirt rut.

I finished everyone's Christmas present except the quilt, which I'll be working on like mad in the next few days now that I've finally got the right thread. Angela's needs to be mailed out right away (I'm soooooo sorry I haven't gotten to it yet!!!), and I still have to get the presents to Sean's parents.

This past weekend was spent with my honey in Dryden, trying to squeeze in some quality time with him (and my family) before we're apart for a month while he's away finishing his degree. The worst part is no cuddles! I also miss having him there next to me at night. He keeps me warm :D and when I have nightmares (I seem to have quite a number of nightmares, more than most of my friends) I'm not too scared to sleep for an hour at 3am :P

The weather has been bone-chillingly cold here in Winterpeg, no surprise. It was so cold today (tho really only -25C, with a windchill warning) that I heard a strange noise behind me the whole time I was walking to the bus this evening. It was a "popping" sound. I suddenly figured out what it was - I had an empty water bottle in the outside pocket of my backpack, that still had a few drops clinging to the sides. The water inside was freezing, and since the cap was on so tight a vacuum was being created inside, crushing the bottle. Pretty neat!

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