Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Hi all, this is just a quick post for now. Trying to spend every last waking moment with Sean before he goes back to school. First of all I put it on comment moderation so that I can eliminate anonymous and all the other evil posters who have been making posting on this blog frustrating. From now on, I'm just ignoring them!

Christmas was pretty good, although I'm still working on finishing presents for 4 people (darned stomach flu). I some cute jammies, money, LUSH, and a sock kit from Angela I love! It's the Chocolate Covered Cherries socks, but as Angela "wasn't sold on the idea" they're candy cane socks instead. Red beads and white wool, with a little hint of variegated red underneath the beaded cuff. Although Ang, I mean to ask, did you mean for the white to be the main body of the sock, or the red yarn? I figured white since you strung the beads on white, but wasn't sure :D

Today is major house cleaning, tomorrow is Sean leaving :( and Jenny keeping me company :D and Thursday/Friday Night/Saturday is WIUGC, Western Inter-University Geology Conference. So at least I can keep myself busy.

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Aimend said...

Umm, (trying to recall), I think I meant for the red to be the main part, with the beaded part white (with red underneath) so the red beads would show up well. It's warping the pattern, I know, but in my head at least it works. It's really up to you!

And good riddance to "anonymous" :)