Friday, May 05, 2006

Knitting Roulette...

So I was feeling uninspired by my current WIP's - I'd like to point out the facts:

a)I was totally honest, listing every single project that is on the needles
b)one (VK tank) is in stretchy yarn I don't feel like dealing with
c)5 are winter projects

I needed something to knit until I get to go to Winnipeg next week and spend my graduation present money on yarn for something :D I also had nice sock yarn from Value Village to use. So I decided to play Knitting Roulette - would anyone else like to join me?

I went to Knitting Pattern Central so I could have a huge listing of free sock patterns, then I closed my eyes and scrolled up and down and back and forth until I randomly clicked. I would now be knitting these socks except for the problem that they're for worsted weight yarn. So I spun again...

And got these. Generic sock pattern is not what I was looking for, particularly since I have two wonderful colours.

Try 3: OK about now I'm ready to give up. I come up with a website that has moved and sends me to the new homepage, thereby eliminating the random aspect of the roulette and driving me to distraction.

Send chocolate, and ideas.


laurie in maine said...

Playing Roulette myself by putting "knitting" in the blogger search engine to read other knitting blogs and first up was you!

I suggest the Old Shale Two Yarn Sock pattern ;) I've only been knitting (again) since December, but find myself addicted to socks - most have been generic so far. Ready to try something more complex. Not sure I'll be able to figure these ones out but (almost) ready to give it a shot!

I'm a mom to 2 college aged daughters. Your "interests" list: Lord of the Rings & Harry Potter compelled me to reply!!

Dandy said...

what if you find a motif you like and use that for the sock, thats what I'm doing right now, a plain ankle sock with a little tulip motif on the foot.. easy and cute