Friday, May 05, 2006

Hello everyone, sorry, work is busy so there's no real news to report. I haven't knit anything new, or even worked on it. I had Susan pin the straps on my dress up so that I can stitch everything in place - then it's just hemming it and finishing the seams. I can't finish the seams until I find my woodburning tool, because since it's 100% polyester I can heat-finish the edges with no extra sewing, and more importantly no fraying. Although both fabrics are fraying badly, the inside is REALLY bad and will have to be heat finished, no question.

That wood burner has to be somewhere...

And thanks everyone for the wonderful comments on the socks! I adore them as well, and I'm think I might post the duplicate stitch charts on the blog for free. I'm also planning on developing more complicated Alice In Wonderland socks, and trying to send the pattern to Knitty. What do you think, would that go over well?

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