Thursday, March 02, 2006


A happy early sweet sixteen to my sister, who turns the legal driving age (ack!) on March 6th, the same day the lucky girl is leaving for Spain on her school trip.

I also WON SOMETHING! I don't recall ever winning anything (by luck) before, although Mom might remember something. I got the beautiful gift bag from Lettuce Knit (you have no idea how much I want to visit that store. If we can afford to go to Keith's wedding this summer we're going to try to side trip to Toronto, and Lettuce Knit is on the list) that I'm told has Socks That Rock in it! I LOVE making socks so I'm very, very excited.

My term paper for Classical Mythology turned out to be about 3200 words, and I hope I did well on it. I worked hard at any rate! I also finished the essay outline for Children's Lit. That leaves me with finishing my children's book for another Children's Lit class (all the illustrations are done, the text and pictures just need to be outlined in colour, and it needs to be covered and bound), writing my term paper for CanLit (3000 words/10 pages), term paper for Speculative Fiction (2500 words), term paper for Contemporary Children's Lit (8-10 pages), as well as various reading journals and group projects. My academic life is, shall we say, busy.

I'm working at Fort William again, 3.5 hrs Monday/Wednesday and all day Friday until the end of March. I'm just doing mending mostly, although once that runs out I'm not sure what they'll need me for. I'm even on the answering machine as currently running the Costume Department ;). The Fort is very flooded, in fact yesterday they were sandbagging around the administration buildings. It's supposed to stay warm around here for the next few days which could be VERY problematic, if the water rises another foot and a half the admin building will be flooded along with the driveway into it. I may not be working after all!

Not much knitting has been going on, although I worked on my alpaca Natalya gauntlets a bit the other day while watching "House". I really need to start my pal's socks, but I'd like to do something in sport-weight or DK. I think I might actually make them in Sidar Country DK (one of my favourite yarns) because it's so super soft. Plus, I still can't decide if I should finish my Rogue or not.

I need opinions on that actually. Before I knew much about yarn, the lady at the fabric store told me that DK and Aran were the same weight. So I bought enough Sirdar Country DK to make a Rogue out of, and although it shows off the cabling beautifully the drape is VERY fine, and it's almost baggy because of it. I'm partway up the hood by now, so does anyone have a vote as to whether I finish it or not? What would I do with 1200m of DK wool if I frogged it? The colour is absolutely gorgeous, and I love the sweater. I hate to rip it out!

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Anonymous said...

I recently learned of a formula for changing gauge on a pattern so buy the wrong yarn - or just want to use a differnt yarn, you can use this formuls.
Divide your gauge by the pattern gauge to obtain a multiplier. Do this for both stitches and rows. Whenever the pattern quotes a number of stitches/rows, multiply that number by your multiplier. Eg. Your gauge - 4 sts/inch. Pattern gauge 5 sts/in. 4 divided by 5 = point 8. If pattern says to cast on 100 sts. 100 times point 8 = 80. Cast on 80.mayber that will work for your Rogue.