Wednesday, March 08, 2006

NEW...Migraines! (now with sinus headache!)

I haven't been posting frequently because of this, the homework part. Also because I have been suffering for days now with severe sinus problems brought on by melting-ness around here. It's spreading into my teeth and ears, it's that bad.

But enough whining.

I've finished the cuff on the first sockapaloooza sock, and have ripped out different leg patterns 3 times now. I think I might stick with the original (false cable double rib), although I though it looked funny in the first couple repeats. Either that or a lace pattern, since I loves lace. Maybe even the gull wing I did for my sockapal2za.
I really like it too, and it was quite stretchy. Pictures to follow this evening, I hope.

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Aimend said...

*Sigh* It's always something, eh? I'm bogged down in a similar list of schoolwork. Sounds like you've made about the same progress I have, I'm just glad I don't have to tear out the cuff, so I have proof I started!

In solidarity ;)