Friday, March 10, 2006


The prize got here today! And isn't that GORGEOUS STUFF??? The sock yarn is "Socks That Rock", and it's very soft and with rich intense colours (Sean and I got a laugh out of the fact that one colour is called "Carbon Dating", since I do geology and he does archaeology). The other stuff is even softer, it's also Blue Moon Fibre Arts "Lil' Loops" in the colourway "Marbles". It's 56% Kid Mohair, 24% silk, 20% Nylon. I now have 1,050 yards of it. Any ideas what it should become? I mean, that's a LOT of yarn. It says it knits to 4 sts/" on Size US 8, but this is laceweight yarn so I'm not sure where to go with it.

These are my sockapaloooza socks. I'm having difficulty finding a leg pattern I like, I think I might just rib them all the way down. It's either that or doing some cabling, but I don't think I can find something I like. I've already tried 3 different leg patterns, including twisted rib and the "jaywalker" pattern. I'm decidedly stuck!

I also may have the opportunity to go to London and Paris this summer, so if you have suggestions of things to see (besides things like the Eiffel Tower, Westminster Abbey, Tower of London, etc. cause we'd go to ALL those) let me know!

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Aimend said...

Exciting! I have lists upon lists of things to see, but they're pretty much all the bigs ones. For other treasures, I'm waiting to get there and talk to some locals. When would you be going? It would be hilarious if the first time I get to visit you in about a year is across an ocean!