Sunday, February 05, 2006

I have no pictures of my newly purple hair, unfortunately. But it's short and kind of rock-chick looking, with two big intense purple chunks. Sean loves it, just LOVES IT. I like it too, although it took some getting used to. Sean's enthusiasm certainly helped me like it more :)

We've rearranged the apartment so that his computer is now in the little den/craft room instead of the kitchen/living room (it's a very small apartment made smaller by the fact that all the pipes run OUTSIDE of the walls) so that when he plays WarCraft using Team Speak he won't keep me up at night. Team Speak is essentially a vocal way for players to communicate instead of typing instructions to one another.

Also, while out buying some stuff my Mom asked me to get my Dad I found out that one of the LYS sells Noro Kureyon - and it was on sale! So I bought a single skein in colour #90 and made myself a very cute hat. I will take a picture of that too, I promise. The reason I never take pictures and post them anymore is because this apartment is very very dark and also very full, so even though it's usually clean it looks very cluttered. I can't even move things around much to make an uncluttered space for a photograph. I promise I'm not afraid of having my picture posted, it's just that I can only take nice pictures of projects, not me in them.


Aimend said...

I can't wait to see a picture of your hair, it sounds awesome!

Linz said...

Can't wait to see these photos!