Thursday, February 16, 2006

Olympic Mittens

FINALLY a picture! However, the mittens are not turning out like I hoped. First, the tension was too tight in the foreground light purple, causing the fabric to buckle. Then I fixed that, and my tension became too tight in the dark purple (I think I was tugging too tightly at the DPN ends to stop the loose stiches I was getting) and it buckled again. Consequently, despite my swatching the mittens are a little warped and MUCH to small (I have big hands though, so even at proper gauge they mightn't have fit). I will finish the other, but I'm also making Natalya gauntlets in the meantime to protect my forearms between my parka and my mittens in this icy weather. - and Jayne, thanks for the tips on keeping tension well. I think I've got my tension resolved in the left hand, now I need to loosen it in the right. I think I was getting the hang of it right at the end of the mitten :P

I also have a picture of the Noro hat I made.

You can't see the gorgeous colours very well because it's dark in the house and the light is super yellow. But it is a cute hat, although a little too big for me. I also don't like the shaping at the hat too much. I can look bald and pinheaded in hats, and this top shaping doesn't help ANY of that at all. Next Noro hat I make (oh, there will be more. One skein? Who can say no to that?) I'll figure out a way to make it smoother at the top.

Back to Dryden for part of Reading Week this week, leaving tonight. The kitties are going to Laura and Allison's hopefully they can handle them! I have tons of assignments and reading to do (surprise surprise) but I'm going to aim for my gold medal.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Karlie,
Not sure if you remember me from EnCana or not . . .
I stumbled on your blog a while ago. Have you heard of the keeper as an alternative to regular feminine hygiene products? I think if you have to switch, it would be a little less intense than cloth ones.
Take Care!