Wednesday, February 01, 2006

OK, so I'm sitting here suffering from a sinus infection that appeared over night. Sneezing like crazy, sinuses absolutely full of gross yellow and green stuff, postnasal drip, the whole kit and caboodle. It sucks, because yesterday I did SO well at voice lessons. I have a new aria, from Mozart's La Nozze di Figaro. It's one of Susanna's arias, "Dei Vieni" (I'm sure I spelled that wrong, gimme a break, the infection is right next to my brain).

If you'd like to see the wool I bought, I've been too busy and tired to take a picture so you can go here and click on "colours available". My wool is in Lilac and Plum. It's very pretty, since all Briggs and Little wool is dyed in such a way that it looks very heathered, with many other shades of blue, purple, and pink in the wool.

I haven't done any knitting all weekend, too busy snowboarding then doing my miles of homework. I have an in-class essay and assignment due tomorrow, then trying to go to Dryden this weekend. I also have to finish Dad's birthday present - he's a groundhog baby! Plus, it's his 50th this year.

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