Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Presents from Angela

Ooooh Angela you can't imagine how happy it made me to find that lovely package in my mailbox.

She sent me a get well card with a nice loooong letter (yay!), two Purdy's chocolate bars (double yay!), and the cutest slipper notepad and butterfly rings (triple yay!) Wow, I love those rings so much! Wherever did you get them Ang?

I have pictures, but my internet here is s-o s-l-o-w that my photo loading program hasn't been working. I have pictures of the Angela presents, along with the yarn I've spun. I've gotten quite good at it, it's much finer (like sport weight, even fingering weight) so I might have to learn how to ply.

Ang, a package may be making its way toward you soon ;)

I also got a wedding invitation to my friend Jen's wedding, so Laura and I will be heading out to Calgary at the end of April. We booked our flights today. And last, but not least, I discovered that the Harri Bakery by my house is the most wonderful Scanda-Finn place ever with an absolutely delightful owner, a young Finn man.

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