Wednesday, February 16, 2005

LOTS of pictures and a few questions.

Look, it's sock wool! That's been tinted blue by the twilight coming through the front windows! Oh well. It was on sale, 50% off, so these two together cost me $6.28 CDN. I may be going back to get yarn for my Rogue sweater, they have a lovely purple yarn. It's acrylic, but I think I'd like that because I have no way to really hand-wash a sweater. Some questions, if anyone can please answer them in comments.

1) Will these wools stripe? Or are they not meant to?
2) Will DK weight wool work for Rogue? It seemed to be about the same weight as the aran-weight wool sample in the store, but being the half-experienced part-beginner that I am I have no idea.
3) At the moment I knit normally. Would it be worth my while to attempt to switch to Continental? Is the speed increase worth the blood, sweat, and tears it would take?

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Anonymous said...

Have you tried switching to continental yet? For some, it's worth it, for others, it's not. If you're a beginner knitter, you might find it worthwhile rather than trying to change years and years of habit.

Did you figure out your yarn weight problem with Rogue?