Thursday, November 01, 2007

I haven't been posting much lately, as I've been struggling with my health again. It seems that the stomach problems they thought they'd nailed down last year have flared their ugly heads. I've been in the hospital a few times, and I haven't been able to go to class or work since last Thursday.

It's hard. I need to finish these classes because I have to graduate this year, so I can go to the States with Sean. I also can't go down there if they haven't solved these problems because we'd go broke in a day. I also have to write my thesis, and my life will be insanely busy next semester because I have a lot more classes to take. They keep giving me pain meds but I rarely take them since they make me loopy, and I'm paranoid that I'm somehow going to get addicted to them.

Anyway, I just needed to vent this frustration somewhere. I"m supposed to work at the daycare tomorrow, and I want to so much because I love it. But since I can barely get off the couch...I dunno.


Anonymous said...

my dear i wish you well. i hope it's just some fluke. when josh died, the doctors gave us all sleeping pills b/c we weren't sleeping ... i was afraid i'd need it all the time, but it's a psychological addiction more than a physical one.

again i wish you the best and give you all my warmest wishes so things go well for you.

Linz said...

It's all going to work out for the best.