Sunday, November 18, 2007

Christmas Presents

I've been thinking about (and working on) my Christmas presents, with all the spare time that's unfortunately been dumped into my lap. I decreased the number of presents significantly from last year, so that I don't end up crying in my knitting on Dec. 24. On the list are the following:

Lace Hat - Done
Felted Clogs - 50%
Fingerless Mittens - 50%
Tea Cozy - Not started
Socks - 40%

Possibly to add to the list, if I have time (if not some people will be getting bought gifts):

Convertible Mittens

I'm enjoying the knitting so far, although the socks are sucking the life out of me a bit at the moment. They're currently glaring at my from the table. Thing is, I'd like to make something for myself, so I'm very guiltily knitting on a pair of convertible mittens for me instead of knitting on Christmas gifts OR studying, both of which NEED TO BE DONE. The snow now sitting outside is helping to alleviate a little of that guilt though.

I got a scholarship as well, $500. I'm particularly proud of this one, because it had two contraints: high marks and an essay on your understanding of the life of a mining geologist. Hopefully I'll be eligible for a bursary as well (you find out at the end of December) and I can put even more payments on things. We're slowly but surely paying off some credit card debt we'd accrued awhile ago, and it's a relief to be putting decent payments on things.


knitbysue said...

I just printed your chart for the Hermoine Fair Isle sweater. I hope to get to it at some point. It would be fun to make. Thank you for drawing up the chart.
Have you noticed the Fair Isle sweater Hermoine wears in the Goblet of Fire movie? I believe it is the scene where she comes in the tent to wish Harry good luck right before he fights the dragon. Do you know if anyone has ever charted that sweater? It is another pretty one.

Karlie said...

Hi Sue! I'm glad someone is getting some use out of my chart :) I've been too busy/sick/doing other knitting to be able to touch it myself.

I did love that sweater Hermione wears in GoF, but I haven't charted it because it appears to be machine knit in a VERY fine gauge (at least fingering weight, if not finer) and I have no patience to knit a sweater in that fine a gauge :P I'm guessing this sweater will knit up in a DK/Sport Weight and so will be less painful. I hope.

knitbysue said...

Hi again Karlie, I guess I hadn't looked at the GoF sweater closely enough to see that it was so fine of a gauge.
BTW, my little dog is named Carley. Same as you but with different spelling.
Hope you feel better, Sue