Tuesday, August 14, 2007


ipod cozy I made for Nesha, she just got a new nano for logging core. My own pattern, Bernat Sox "Hippi" on US 0 needles. ~40 sts cast on, k2p2 pattern with 6 stitch/8 row cable, 3 needle bind-off for base.

Socks I'm knitting. Unfortunately the pictures is bad, because I don't know how to work Nesha's camera very well! Socks are in Patons Kroy, using 2.75mm needles and the pattern is "Charade" (marvelous pattern, you'll have to google it!).

Out on the lake eating lunch, on a rock sampling day earlier this summer.

Geoteching core before it's logged with Jeff. It was very, very hot these days.

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Linz said...

oooh, lovely iPod cozy!