Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Public Service Announcement

You may have noticed that two nasty comments were added to my blog a little while ago. These were posted by the jealous ex and/or her older sister, of my FHBF. I decided initially to leave these alone and take the high road, but I felt I should perhaps epxlain this.

The ring, of course, is mine and always has been - I was with Sean in the store when he bought it and walked out with it on my finger! And although I admit I can sometimes be a bit "whingy" about my health, I am at least not a hypochondriac since I am always, very legitimately, ill. I just have rotten luck!

It's very sad that some people feel the need to resort to vicious anonymous posting in order to relieve thier own petty feelings.

As for Sean's wonderful post, I love you too! Of course, now you're back in Winnipeg and I'm just waitng anxiously for you to get home. I need you here to hug and cuddle...and make me dinner :) I miss you driving me to work in the mornings and brushing my hair out of my eyes. We had such a wonderful chat while you were in Heathrow, so at least it wasn't an ALL bad night.

I love you more than anything.

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