Monday, July 03, 2006

L is for...

Luck and Lonely. I know that Sean must be the world's greatest find for me, since I'm sure that the balancing bad-luck has been getting bronchitis a ton of times, innumerable colds and flus, and shingles. The Lonely is also because of course he's still gone. But I am still so happy for him! I can only imagine the awesome time he's having, doing the things he loves the best. Imagine being in charge of your own (small) dig team! Especially for his first real archaeology field work! It'd be like me being able to take voice lessons from the teachers of Ben Heppner and Measha Brueggergosman. Did you know that Ben Heppner, a Canadian, is considered one of the foremost tenors in the world? In fact, I've heard many critics call him the world's best tenor. And his voice is like melting chocolate - Measha's is just as good.

I digress though.

I'll add one more L word. Love. For Sean, Mom, Dad, and Becky, as well the rest of my friends and family. I love you all!

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