Saturday, March 05, 2005

Shout out from Dryden

Hello out there! I haven't posted in a bit because I'm at home for my sister's birthday, she's turning 15 tomorrow. Any way, to answer a few questions.

*sigh* Andrea I'm trying so hard not to give up on that sweater :) The problem is that a) it's going to be too long for me (I have a very short torso) and b) there's mistakes. So I've put it aside for now, in hopes that I'll either eventually be seized to finish it, or be brave enough to rip it out and start over! Rogue will occur in the meantime.

And I promised that I'd put up instructions for making a drop spindle. Here they are!

For a bottom-whorl (easiest to learn on):

1 wooden car wheel, 2" to 3" in diametre
1 dowel that will fit snugly into axle-hole of wheel - 9" to 12" in length
1 small cup hook

Simply put the dowel through the wheel, it should fit tight enough you won't need glue. Have the wheel about 2-3" from the bottom of the dowel. At the top of the dowel, screw your cup hook into the centre. For really awesome instructions on how to spin using a drop-spindle, check out Joy of Handspinning. They have videos and everything!


Dandy said...

Thanks for the instructions... do you really think the bottom spindle is easier?? I need all the info I can get at this point.. lol...

Karlie said...

Yes, it's easier to get the hang of because it spins slower. The key is to spin the spindle, park it between your thighs or knees, grab the twisted part of the yarn with your right hand, move the left hand up, then spin again. I'll post picture by picture instructions - hopefully tomorrow!

Dandy said...

ok Thanks Karlie... I'll be here reading with bells

I did get the doweling and the hook... added the hook to the top, and whittled the bottom to a round point... dad has a load of wooden wheels from back in his wooden toy making days, so I'm going to get 2 tomorrow,... they're 2 inches ( I think)