Saturday, March 05, 2005

Monsters, both real and knitted (and cute!)

This here is my sister's hamster, Frodo. Why do I have a picture of him? Well first, he's pretty darned cute. Look at those little paws! He's also very well hand-trained and cuddly. Honest!

The second reason is that he's also darned smart. Tonight I was sitting here plugging in my laptop, and Becky gives this little gasp. There, on the carpet beside the computer stand, is Frodo. He's apparently figured out how to get in and out of his cage. Not only did he get out, he also found her little open bag of yoghurt treats, and we discovered a stockpile of them in his "secret" cage corner. He must have spent at least 10 minutes going back and forth between his open cage door and the bag, dragging them in a few at a time.

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