Thursday, December 02, 2004

Here are the three scarves I've knit so far, the one on the left is black eyelash with red yarn (very sexy and lingerie like), the middle one is blue "Fun Fur" by Lion's Brand, and it looks more like I skinned Grover than knit a scarf. The last one is for me and it's a strand of Cascade (200 I think?) in a pale purple, with a strand of Red Heart's "Foxy" in varigated purple, and a strand of eyelash in "Kiss". It is thick and very very soft. Only problem is it rolls up on the sides. Grrrrrrrrrr


Anonymous said...

"skinned Grover" -- heeheeeheeee! Those look like such fun. Happy Christmas! (Norma,

Karlie said...

Hey, thanks! I have a New Year's resolution that I will write in my blogs every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. So I promise I will update more often (ducks bolt of lightning).