Monday, December 27, 2004

A Happy Chrismahanukwanzakuh to all!

Well, Christmas has come and gone. My family built our traditional igloo again this year on Christmas day. The temperature outside? -34C. (-29.2F). However, hopefully this year it will last a little longer, seeing as it's this cold out. Last year it was +6C on Boxing Day, so our igloo collapsed. That was the first year we lost the igloo! I have pictues, I will post them soon.

I didn't get any knitting stuff for Christmas, but people loved the stuff I gave, like the fuzzy feet and scarves. The french ticklers went over well too ;) . I will be going to Chapters once I get back to the city and I'm going to pick up Folk Mittens and Folk Socks, so that I can maybe learn Fair Isle. I also want to make my cousin navy mitts with a grey police shield on the back but I have NO idea how to do that without a pattern.

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