Monday, March 31, 2008

Christmas Presents, Schoolwork

I've already started thinking about Christmas presents again, since it was nice to have everything done in time last year. So far:

-Grandmas - tea cozys
-Grandpa - socks

And that's it ;) I'll think of more in awhile. I've got lots of time after all!


I need to make another list of school items that need to be done, so that I can check them off and make myself feel less overwhelmed.

1. Anthro paper on cloth in Incan and Aztec society
2. Communications Topic Assignment II
3. Communications Topic Assignment III - 5%
4. Prepare Communications presentation (Due April 3)
5. Volcanology Lab 6 - 80% (Due April 7)
6. Volcanology Viscosity Lab (Due April 7)
7. Volcanology Lab 7 (Due April 7)
8. Volcanology Term Paper (Due April 7)
9. Receive corrections and rewrite Topic Assignments II and III (Due April 10)
10. Communications Poster (Due April 10)
11. Correct and rewrite Sapphire term paper (Due April 10)

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