Friday, January 04, 2008

Where my next sock yarn is coming from...

Oh. My. God. This is the most beautiful yarn ever. And the best part is that the skeins are 150 g. That means that you can make stockinette knee-highs with CONSIDERABLE amounts of yarn left. I want it in the following colourways (sorry, no direct links here):

Rittersporn (Larkspur?)
Veilchen ("Violet")
Poison Nr. 5
Am kalten Polar ("Cold North")
Tifer see ("Deep lake")
Pfauenauge (?)
Krauterbeet (?)
Iris Sibirica ("Iris...?")
Farn ("Fern")
Wilder Mohn ("Wild Poppy")

*drools* It's actually a very reasonable price for that much yarn, 14 euros.


dorothee said...

So the Wollmeise has another addict... ;-)
"Rittersporn" is indeed larkspur, "Pfauenauge" is peacock eye (the eye on the tail), "Kräuterbeet" is bed of herbs, "Iris Sibirica" stays iris sibirica, or Siberian Iris, and "Wilder Mohn" is wild poppy.

By the way, I can't feel any difference between the 100% Merino sock yarn and the 80/20 sock yarn, in case this helps you. A little while ago I bought a skein of the Suzanne-color, and it's better in real life than on the web page. Oh, and do check out the shop site, there are pictures of the color intensities - they can be quite different!

Anonymous said...

you know i have been eyeing wollmeise for a LONG LONG time. i found them on loopy ewe but they've been out of stock.. then i googled them and found their english store! how exciting! are you going to order any?

Karen said...

Hi! That sure is lovely yarn. I am a real sucker for color and will have to show real self control not to rush out and order some.

On another note, a friend of mine mentioned to me that you were having "white yarn" issues. I went through this myself making a shawl for my sister. If you want to chat about it I can be reached at
karen dot KVL at verizon dot net (you know, take out the words and replace with punctuation to get my address).

Good luck with those New Year's resolutions!

Anonymous said...

hey just thought i'd stop by and see how you were doing. i remember you saying you had a lot of tests done and were going through school. hope things are cool!