Monday, July 30, 2007

Sooooo hooooooooooootttt...

Oh. My. God. It is sooooo hot here. We are in a humidex warning, this afternoon it got up to 41 with the humidity.

The scary thing? In the upstairs of the mill (where we work, it's completely unventilated) it was so ridiculously hot that outside at 41C felt cool. Knowing now that it felt like 41 outside, I'd wager that it's at least 50C upstairs. It was so hot, that less than a minute after turning off the fan, we felt violently nauseous and dizzy. Because of the high humidity, you can sweat properly either, so there's no particularly good way to cool off. I'm already wearing just a tank top and shorts at work, not sure how to cool off any more!

I finished the sockapalooza socks, except for grafting the toes (no darning needle or crochet hook) and blocking them. I noticed that I somehow wound up with two less stitches in one sock, but I checked and since this is stretchy lace they fit the same.

I also spent my spare time today (during scanning, between changing maps) graphing out the yoke of this sweater:

It's one of Hermione's from OOTP. It took me FOREVER, some tears, some photoshopping, and finally good old paper, pencil, ruler, and tracing paper to get it right. I wanted to make sure I accounted for the decreases properly, since I wanted it to be a proper yoked sweater. I think I've got it now! I'll try and post a picture or something soon.

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oh man! i don't know why i never got notification of your comment! sorry it took me so long... acutally i had difficulty in trying to figure out the patten... wait this is going to be too long for a comment. i'll email you =)