Monday, July 16, 2007

Arrr - ye be warned! Pirates: At World's End spoilers ahead!

Hi Linz! No pictures yet because my camera is on the fritz, and is consequently left at home. But soon!

As for the after-credit clip, some writers explained it thus:

A scene was cut from the movie which explained that if whoever took over the Flying Dutchman had a lover who remained true through the 10 years, the obligation to the sea and the escort of the dead would be broken, and he could return to land again. Therefore, when Elizabeth waited her 10 years faithfully, Will could come back and live with her again. It therefore doesn't cut them out of the storyline completely if the actors want to come back, but it DOES solve their storyline if they don't.

I liked the end clip, because it showed that Elizabeth and Will got to live happily ever after with one another. Plus, Will got SUPER hot this movie.

I am waiting anxiously to go home Thursday night, and miss Sean so much it's driving me round the twist (great Oz expression).


Aimend said...

Huh, that cut scene is just a touch crucial to getting that ending. My understanding was that he'd get ONE day ashore every ten years, thus taking him out of any sequel - I like your way much better (though it might mess up Davy Jones' and Calisto's plot line), and it does provide good resolution for the characters either way. And I second Will's super-hotness this movie :)

Linz said...

Sigh, I suppose I'll have to wait.

Thanks for the cut scene info, this makes a lot more sense, now!