Sunday, June 10, 2007

Just in time!

Today was all about being Just in Time. Waking up this morning I got up with perfect timing for going to breakfast, and we started on our boating geology. We had a beautiful morning, calm and sunny. I was the only person with any boating experience, so I sat in the back next to the drivers chair and helped everyone who needed it through the start-up sequence and then learning to pilot the boat.

We explored the first lake, then went through a marsh to the second. The channel was fairly shallow, and we ended up having to paddle through with the motor raised, since it couldn't be locked into a slightly raised position. I paddled from the back a good deal of the way, which was very enjoyable. I wish we could do all our work from canoes!

We explored our outcrops, taking samples and describing the rocks. We were careful to watch the skies, since we knew that it was supposed to rain and thunderstorm in the afternoon. Our second example of "Just on Time" was deciding to leave when we noticed some darker clouds moving in and the barest drizzle starting. It began to rain as we paddled back through the marsh, and soon began to pour. As we put in at the dock, we heard a large rumble of thunder. Some quick moving on our part and we had the boat shoved up and shore, and we were in the truck (and more importantly off the lake!) before the storm set in!

Dinner was alright, acceptable as far as cafeteria/contract food goes. But the last "Just on Time" instance happened as I settled onto my bed for some TV after work, and discovered "Krakatoa" just starting on the Discovery Channel.

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