Sunday, April 15, 2007

This is a marvy skirt I made from a thrift store pillowcase. I cut off the bottom edge where it was sewn together, then folded it over on itself to a length I liked, making a lining in the process. Then I put a zipper into the existing seam, made that the back, and added four darts. Helllooooooo skirt that looks like the one from the expensive Asian Boutique on Osborne!

I finished my bus socks last week, but hadn't posted them cause I was just way too busy. I loves them, they're comfy (especially after a run through the wash) and loverly. I can't wait to start some new ones!

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Anonymous said...

Must have been the weekd for sewing, Becky has been busy as well. I am sure I had sheets like that when I was in university!!! Very cute!.

Love Mom