Saturday, November 04, 2006

Thanks for the tip Misty, although the knitting class isn't going to run - Boo-urns. They didn't have anyone else sign up, I'm guessing because of the price. Campus Rec has lots of neat stuff but it's VERY expensive.

I finished my cabled handwarmers (no pictures, maybe tomorrow) and made a black fleece headband since I can't find my earbags. However, I did complete one VERY pretty piece of sewing, although the picture I have is somewhat mediocre:

I kind of look like I'm smirking in the picture, not exactly sure why! I also STILL need to post a picture of the ring, I know. You can kinda see it in the above picture, on my left hand...but I'll post a better one. This weekend is going to be spent visitng Mom and Becky tomorrow, since they're coming up, doing my structure homework (and some research for my Gemology term paper), and sewing at least 3 things: a corduroy skirt, a chinese brocade shirt, and a fleece for Sean. If I have time, I'm also making up a nice futon cover, but it's Sean's turn to clean up the living room and until that's done I can't cut out the Futon cover ;)


Aimend said...

Wow, you've been busy too! I love the corset, what pattern did you use? Nope, the yarn in my socks isn't Trekking, it's a brand I hadn't heard of before and can't recall now. Have fun with your family and say hi for me

Anonymous said...

Lol, I was looking myself up on the internet and I found you, I thought i'd found myself at first, because you love all of the same books and films that I do! It's a bizarre coincidence. Congratulations on your engagement. If you feel like checking me out you can check my msn space.

Karlie Jai