Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Q is

Sorry I haven't been writing. I'm just soooooooo tired. I'm working two jobs (altogether 15 hours a week) and trying to do 5 classes. I think I may have to drop one. However, I'll be picking up another - knitting instructor! Yes, as long as enough people sign up, U of M Campus Rec is holding a 7 week (2 hrs/wk) knitting course starting in November, and again at the end of January. I need ideas for how to plan out classes. I'm expecting to get total beginners.

And "Q" is for quilts. I've made two so far:

The first one is a twin-sized quilt, strip pieced and with colours picked from Monet paintings. The second is my Dad's, a lap quilt that was also partially strip pieced.

I'm working on two more at the moment, a snowflake quilt (with paper pieced snowflakes) and a simple Indian Puzzle quilt in black and batik.

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Hey, I saw this and of course I thought of you.