Friday, September 08, 2006

I can mark one Christmas present off the list! The thrummed mitts are done (see link in my sidebar), although one is slightly larger than the other. I think this is my gauge changing over *cough*1.5years*cough* I still have a whack of other ones to start, but I just can't do that until I actually have some yarn to work with. You'd think with ALL the yarn I have I could find something that would work, but no. Oh well. Once I get a little bit of money (I have two job interviews!) I can buy a bit more wool. I also have a bit of fabric to buy. If anyone has scraps of blues or white fabrics with a snowflake/snow/winter theme I'd absolutely love to take them off your hands :D I'm looking for abstract patterns. You can see the fabric I have already here in the middle of the post (click for a bigger picture). Mostly snowflake patterns, although some are a little abstract or have stars instead.

If you are looking for quilt scraps let me know, maybe we could do an exchange!

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