Friday, November 19, 2004

Purple Poncho

Here is my poncho, don't mind me looking a little rough. Like I said, I have mono. In fact, I'm going back home Sunday and withdrawing from two of my classes at University for the semester. It's made using Yarn Harlot's pattern. It's on her sidebar. I made a few changes, namely I used a much thicker wool (it's Bernat Solo in "Plum") which is heavier than worsted, but I didn't think to cast on less stitches. Therefore once I had finished the third ball I went back, unpicked the collar, then worked my way up through alternating rows of eyelets and plain knitting (with decreases in the plain knitting). This made the collar the right shape and size. Also, I used as much fringing as she did but I think I'm going to have to again go painstakingly through all of that and redo it so that I only have one string in each, cause it looks a little strange and excessive right now. I think anyway. All in all a very fun project, and it broke the monotony of the days since I can no longer go to school or basically live life :P


Earth Grrl said...

Karlie Grrl! How are you !? I was just talking to Curtis and we were saying how you must be having a sweet time in ontario! I hope everything is treating you all right (sept for the mono- dang girl who have you been kissing!) and that your family is good. This saturday is the Christmas party for EAS so I hope there are some pictures in the slide show of Hawaii!

i miss hawaii!!!

Karlie said...

I didn't get mono from kissing anyone, actually (damn hey?) so Lord knows where I picked it up. It's nice to be home now though, and I've gotten myself seriously addicted to Myst IV: Revelation, so I'm no longer bored. Woohoo!

I miss Hawaii too! I wanna go body surfing again! You know, I never did get the black sand out of my bathing suit, it's ground into the bottoms and is caught between the inside and outside layers.